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A dataset containing the locations of UK supermarkets is used for problem auto-generation.

Supermarkets in this dataset are divided into four categories:

  • Band A (Small store): Less than 280 m2
  • Band B (Mid-sized store): 280 - 1400 m2
  • Band C (Large supermarket): 1400 - 2800 m2
  • Band D (Hypermarket): Over 2800 m2

For the purposes of dataset generation, the supermarkets are used as follows:

  • For the Warehouse Location Problem, size bands A and B and treated as stores, whilst size bands C and D are treated as warehouses.
  • For the Transhipment Hub Problem, size bands A and B are treated as stores, size band C is treated as transhipment hubs and size band D is treated as warehouses.

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This problem cannot be run yet because it is not fully defined. Please add at least one warehouse, one store and one transhipment hub and try again.

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