Ad Exchange Types for Supply Side Platform

With increasing demand to mobile usage, online advertising is investing in mobile advertising platforms. In this article we will talk about supply side platforms and different bid types to gain money from supplying your mobile inventory.

What is a Supply-Side Platform?

A supply-side platform is an advertising platform used by publishers. As an app owner you have an inventory which you can sell to advertisers. Advertisers can buy your inventory to show their apps and as a publisher you gain money from it. Supply side platforms help you manage, sell and optimize available inventory on your mobile apps in an automated and therefore efficient way. With the help of SSP, publishers can show display, video and native ads to their users, and monetize your apps with these advertisements.

Over the years, SSPs developed different ad-exchange mechanisms with the increased number of advertisers and publishers.

What Are the Ad Exchange Types for Supply Side Platform?

There are numerous ways SSPs automatically do for ad-exchange, these are including:

  • Real-time bidding transactions:SSPs sell a publisher’s inventory to DSPs(Demand side platforms) which are used by advertisers. Real time bidding transactions happen autonomously. Advertisers set maximum bids that they are willing to pay for an inventory and publishers are setting bids that the minimum amount of money they want for their inventory. SSP automatically optimize ad-exchange.
  • Ad-network optimization:Even though a publisher may have agreements with different ad networks ready to buy their inventory, each network might have different requirements. One network might be willing to pay higher CPM but only fill smaller of the time, another network might be willing to pay lower CPM and fill more of their time. Based on historic information, an SSP will determine which ad network to connect to when impressions become available on a publisher’s mobile app.
  • Some ad networks accept impressions from selected demographics.With an SSP, the publisher can choose only relevant ad networks with desired demographics.

SSPs take care of the above bullet points and decide which network will provide the highest outcome. If you want to be a publisher you can visit this site to learn more about business opportunities. Also if you want to examine a successful mobile advertising report, you can check here.

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