CCTV Surveillance and What You need

Video surveillance makes it possible to reinforce the security of the house or a business. The camera system helps deter burglars. It prevents intrusions when you are not at home. Video surveillance also identifies thieves in the event of theft. Here are some tips for choosing the right video surveillance system.

Surveillance cameras

Surveillance cameras are used to monitor your accommodation. The choice will mainly be based on your needs. You have to start by defining your needs in order to choose the right camera system. The wired surveillance camera allows you to enjoy high quality images. However, its main downside is the difficulty of the installation. It is necessary to set up a wiring circuit to set up the wired surveillance cameras. Wireless surveillance cameras are easy to install and disassemble if you need to change your home. Wireless cameras can be WiFi or IP. Choosing the Dahua CCTV Distributor Dubai is an wise choice there.

The criteria to take into account

There are several criteria that can influence your choice. Wireless surveillance cameras are widely appreciated today. They can be placed everywhere provided that they are not installed near a device that produces interference. The surveillance camera is available in many models. You can choose discrete cameras that blend into your interior. Some models may have a rather specific design. The consumption of surveillance cameras is also a criterion that allows you to choose well. It is important to choose surveillance cameras that avoid overconsumption. The cameras are used continuously, in this case it is necessary that they consume little energy.

The Analog camera has been around for a very long time and its technique has been improved over time. Please note : the image processing of Analog cameras is digital ! It is called Analog because the signal at the output is of Analog type, that is to say transmitted by a coaxial cable like the TV antenna cable. Its signal is compatible with standard monitors or televisions with composite video input (A / V or Scart). Because of this, its image quality and smoothness is comparable to what you get with a camcorder. For your information, the cameras of the television studios are Analog cameras with 3 sensors. Get the Samsung CCTV Supplier Dubai for the best deal.

In recent years, we have heard a lot about the IP camera. An IP camera is made to be connected directly to a network cable. The user can thus see the image on his computer. This type of camera is interesting in 2 cases:

  • You only need one camera to view the image through your local network or the internet.
  • You must protect a building with more than 30 cameras and you have a solid IT infrastructure and a competent IT department to configure and maintain the system.

An evolving video surveillance

Your surveillance cameras must adapt to your needs. They should allow you to add other elements whenever you want. Your surveillance camera should allow you to add a motion detector for example. In this case, it will be able to set off the alarm in the event of suspicious movement. The addition of a detector capable of differentiating between a human being and a pet is also interesting. A company specializing in video surveillance can choose the surveillance cameras best suited to your home for you.

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