Dedicated server – what it is and what it can do?

You probably heard of the word dedicated server but do you really know what it means? A dedicated server pertains to a computer in a particular network that serves the needs of a specific network. When it comes to web hosting, a dedicated server such as 1gbps dedicated server is a rented service from the web host. With a dedicated serving, the website has its own server. Unlike the shared server, a dedicated server provides flexibility and immense power. The only downfall is its price. It is expensive but you will surely get your money’ worth.

What to keep in mind?

Before you decide to switch over to dedicated servers, you have to do your research first. Contemplate whether it is really the type of plan you would want for your website. The majority of websites start with a shared hosting plan but as their business grows, their website needs also grow. Hence, they transition from cheap shared plans to dedicated servers.

VPS versus dedicated web hosting

Some website owners choose VPS while others prefer a dedicated web hosting service. With VPS, your website has its own space but still shares a server with other sites. It provides the much-needed speed at a lower cost. On the other hand, if you opt for a dedicated web hosting service, you get to pay more, but you will get the best value for money. The cost is the downside, but other than that, you will get exceptional service. You will have a server dedicated to your site, something you won’t need to share with others. You get to optimize the loading ability of your page, secure the safety of delicate information and handle the maximum bandwidth your site needs. It is all about taking full control of your website.

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