Finer Limits for the CSGO Boosting Options

With exit Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in 2012 Valve took a huge step towards the unification of its platform no one else is divided into players in CS 1.6 and CSS But along with the new platform, there was a need to get used to the new mechanics. It concerns not only professionals, but also beginners. The latter will be discussed in the guide we will try to give the most needed tips on CSGO. The use of the csgo boosting service is essential there

  1. Practice and practice again

Becoming a master in Counter-Strike is no easy task, you won’t achieve this overnight. You have to spend a lot of time on practice. Other tips will help optimize the time, but without practice anywhere. Most often, good players spent more than 1000 hours on CS. And this is not the limit.

  1. Set the desired settings

There is no correct list of settings this is strictly individual. But remember that you need to set them so that the number of frames does not drop below 64 per second this is the frequency with which the game client accesses the server on an official basis. You don’t want to miss something important, do you?

  1. Play Deathmatch

This is the fastest way to learn all kinds of weapons, recoil and more. There are no rounds and money in Deathmatch, you do not have to wait after death, only clean shooting at enemies. There is no tactic here, but it can be made up in other places.

  1. Play Aim Cards

It is the old method, but still effective. These cards are made specifically to force players to aim very accurately, and most often in the head. The best way to increase the percentage of headshots is with Aim cards.

  1. Watch streams of professionals

Most likely, the professionals themselves will advise you to play CS GO instead of watching their streams, but you can find a lot of useful things from the broadcasts. Tactics, communication with the team, competent info and so on that’s all there is.

  1. Play with those who are better than you: Another ancient way to pump “skill”

You will die a lot, but you will learn quickly. This is not the most pleasant way to become good players, but one of the most effective.

  1. Focus on the most popular weapons

The more often you play, the faster you will notice that they mainly use AK-47, M4 and AWP, less often MP5 and other cheap trunks to maintain the team’s economy. Debate on this basis does not often arise, so do not reinvent the wheel learn to shoot from what has been tested by time.

  1. Decrease mouse sensitivity

Most likely you are playing with a mouse that is too fast. Professionals often set 400 dpi on the “rodent” and 2.0 in the CS: GO settings. Copying them is not necessary, but trying to lower the sensitivity is worth it. It will be inconvenient, but there is nothing to lose over time, the usefulness of such a method will be obvious.

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