How to recover deleted files from your hard disk

It is very possible that you may have deleted data on your hard disk by mistake. This should not be a problem since there is a solution out there. The first thing that you need to do in case you want to recover deleted data is to stop saving any more files on the hard disk.

Recycle bin

Whenever a file is deleted in a windows application then it will definitely go to the recycle bin. You need to go to the recycle bin in order to check if there are any deleted files. If you find the file that you want then simply restore the file so that you move it back to the file system.In case you had deleted the file permanently then there is no chance that you will find it in the recycle bin. Such kind of files can only be recovered through data recovery applications. The deleted files generally are never completely removed from the storage unit. What happens is that they are de-indexed and they will stay in temporary storage until another file replaces them.

Get your own data

The key to recovering lost data when windows cannot boot is to get windows started. You will then need to back-up data onto another computer and then try to repair the fault that resulted to the boot error. You can start by trying to boot windows in safe mode. This will reduce the number of applications and services that are permitted to run.

Physical damage

There are instances where it’s the physical part of the hard disk that has been damaged thus causing data to be lost. In such a scenario it is recommended to look for raid data recovery uk.This is because the damaged parts will need to be replaced before data recovery is initiated.

Logical damage

Logical damage refers to damage in the storage unit of the hard drive that has resulted in data loss. Such kind of data loss can be retrieved through the use software applications. Make sure that you seek the help of a professional. Doing it on your own may only result in permanent data loss.


The cost of data recovery depends on the amount of data that you wish to recover plus the extent of damage to the hard drive. However, there are companies that are providing data recovery services at a very low price.

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