Quillbot paraphrasing tools: Reviews and Pricing


An online paraphrasing tool is a tool that allows you to find better ways to rewrite or paraphrase your notes. People can use paraphrasing tools to help them enhance the quality of their writing and communicate textual content in clear and meaningful ways.

Paraphrasing, as Quillbot defines it, “is about expressing something without quoting it exactly the way it originally was, and instead of giving a more general description of the language presented”.

Several paraphrasing tools can tremendously improve students’ writing. When used ethically and responsibly, paraphrasing tools can tremendously enhance students’ writing. There are several paraphrasing and rewriting creator tools online. However, the one I like and found very helpful is Quillbot.


  • Quillbot is an online paraphrasing and summarizing tool. People can use it to rewrite words, translate sentences and restructure paragraphs by Quillbot pricing. Quillbot helps users enhance their writing by giving them the tools to remake and express their text differently in the most appropriate ways possible.
  • Quillbot paraphrasing is straightforward: paste your text in the input box and click on paraphrase. Quillbot uses separate colour focus to observe the new changes and improvements. For example, the orange colour shows changed words, the yellow colour for structural changes, and the blue colour marks unchanged words. Quillbot offers seven paraphrasing modes: standard, formal, simple, creative, expand, and shorten. Each method has unique features; however, only the first two modes are accessible.
  • The critical thing about Quillbot is that it is much more than just a rephrasing tool. It also helps you settle awkward paragraphs, improve weak topic sentences, and get instant feedback and new ideas to change your work’s structure, style, vocabulary, and tone.
  • Besides the rephrasing tool, Quillbot also offers a Grammar checker that helps students prune their writing for grammatical and syntactic mistakes. It works as a sentence checker, a spell check, and a punctuation checker’.

Quillbot summarizer

Quillbot summarizer is the best tool that works with the paraphraser service to enable students to create text summaries. Whether it is an analysis paper, a news article, a blog post or a long email, a single tick summarizer gives you a fast and brief overview of the notes, preserving time to use on other significant tasks.

Quillbot Review

Quillbot is an AI-powered rewriting software that can instantly deliver beautifully crafted content regardless of the number of words in less than ten seconds.

Although helping in converting compound sentences into more direct wordings, Quillbot also has respective sets of writing modes that enhance your work.

From creative writing to formal writing, the entire process of using Quillbot is smooth like butter.

Even if you find difficulty writing more expanded essays or composing a short story, Quillbot has unique factors like expanding and shortening that does the job perfectly.

Quillbot pricing

Quillbot is a turning point with unique factors often absent in competitors. Factors like the summarizer tool and rephrasing tool are incredible.

About pricing, let me tell you that Quillbot is accessible for free. 

Sadly, the standard version (Free) is limited to features including two writing modes and only 150 words per paraphrase. Still, it is worth testing in Quillbot pricing.

Although the standard version folds out for free, Quillbot Premium is established on contribution components wherein you can either reimburse monthly, annually or even semi-annually.

Quillbot Premium also permits you to pause your subscription if you are not using it.

Quillbot is dependable and secure to operate.

  • After individually using Quillbot for my writing plots, I can firmly say that Quillbot is dependable and secure to use at all times because the security is outstanding.
  • There is no need to afraid of data leakage or malware into your system. Big companies trust Quillbot, and even most schools recommend it.
  • If you have miscellaneous emotions about Quillbot, you can appeal a repayment and get 100% money back quickly. Still, it might not be necessary since Quillbot has a database with compelling features. You would not get disappointed for sure!
  • The Quillbot team advertises that their tool is used by millions worldwide for various uses, from educational to business people, under Quillbot reviews. The most favoured use of Quillbot is for generating readable content by rewriting sentences from existing articles.
  •  One of the delightful things about Quillbot is that they provide a pretty liberal free plan used on a tight budget. While it suffers from limitations that keep it from reaching its maximum capabilities, it is still beneficial.

Quill Bot paraphrasing functionality has seven modes:

  • Standard
  • Fluency
  • Creative mode
  • Formal
  • Expand
  • Reduce
  • Creative+

Quill Bot also has a punctuation checker summaries creator and can integrate with MS Word, Chrome.

Quillbot is a web-based rephrasing tool that helps people enhance their original content or rewrite something. Quillbot is a rephrasing and analyzing tool that allows many scholars and experts to slash their composing time by more than half using advanced AI to rewrite any sentence, paragraph, or content.

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