The features of the ttspy parental control app

As we know raising children is not an easy task, especially in an era which has new technologies bringing new challenges for all parents.  At present with the development of the internet and smart phone, everyone uses the Internet with their phone, and children want to explore new trend topics with the help of the Internet. However, everyone knows that the Internet is not the safest place for children. There are many things on the Internet that can annoy children, including various social media scams, pornography, cyberbullying and malicious content. Therefore, parents should track their children’s digital activities, which was quite hard before. Now with the help of the TTSPY parental control app, parents can monitor the activities on the target phones. Following are the functions of the mobile spying application:

Monitor the message on apps

Currently, most communications are done through messaging applications such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp, and many others. With the help of this function, parents can track all the messages your child sends and receives through these apps, and then know what their child thoughts before these behaviors. 

Know where child is by GPS location

Parents use this function to track the location of their child’s phone. Many spy app can provide safe zones setting. By setting the school, home, or other places which parents think is safe for child as safe zones. Parents can receive an automatic notification when their child leaves the safe zone. They can call their child to check what the reason is and whether they are safe or not.

Manage the calls to keep your child safe

With this function, parents can see all incoming and outgoing calls and the duration of the call. You can block any number if you think the person behind that number is strange. After that, your child will no longer have access to the number.

In summary

With the TTSPY parental control app, you can limit the sites that your child can access by blocking access to specific site or allowing only access to sites that you know are appropriate. Moreover, the message monitoring, GPS location and call management are also the main functions of the spy apps. No matter what system of the target phone, parents can get the suitable spy app for it. If you are the first time to hear the spy app and do not know which brand is the best, you can choose the TTSPY spy app which is the first choice among the parents.

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