Top 5 Rules for Better Mobile App Engagement

Though the user acquisition plays a vital part, still a business cannot gain success and a good amount of revenue until and unless there is a good number of active users. Though the companies spend a lot on user acquisition, but app engagement and retention are of higher importance and comparatively a tough job.

App engagement as well as retention are two different scales through which it is clearly understood whether the successful and doing a good business or not. Therefore, the best practices to increase your app engagement and as a result, increase your ROI are mentioned below.

Rules for Better App Engagement-

  • Make Your Onboarding Process Efficient-

It is very important of making the onboarding an easy and hassle-free experience so that the users do not tend to abandon it. The following steps may be followed to make onboarding an easy process:

  1. Reduce the steps for account creation or log in by encouraging multiple registration options such as Facebook, etc.
  2. Offering feature education through the onboarding process for better functionality of the app.
  3. Using actions for revealing primary gestures related to the app experience.
  • Ask For User Permission-

It is always found that sending too many notifications would rather lead to the user getting annoyed and deleting the app instead of an increase in engagement. So, it is always advisable to seek the user’s permission for the same.

  • Set a High Value on User Experience-

Though mobile app engagement and retention rate is highly important, still you need to understand the best marketing strategy depending on the usage and features of your products. For instance, if the push notification is highly beneficial for one brand, it might not be the same for your brand as well. Therefore, sending too much of notifications would annoy your users.

  • Use Multi-Channel Communication-

To increase app-engagement, it is always advisable to use multiple channels such as in-app notifications, push notifications, emails along with social media interactions, etc. The ultimate motive should be communicated in the best possible manner.

  • Use Social Media Effectively-

Last but not the least; social media can help a lot if used most efficiently. You can take the help of it by announcing some good discounts or incentives on various social media pages of your brand to reach a wider range of people to encourage them to not only downloading the app but also ensuring retention as well.

Thus, the above-mentioned rules would not only ensure user engagement but also help in retention and as a result, would lead to a good increase in the online sales revenue as well.

Tom Roberts: Tom, a gadget enthusiast, provides detailed reviews of the latest tech gadgets, smartphones, and consumer electronics.

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