What are Cloud Servers? How do They work?

Hello there, Are you also looking for changing your hosting server to cloud server hosting and confused about cloud server or you don’t know what is cloud server then guys you are on the right page.

This article will lead you to the cloud server.

In this article, we will talk about cloud servers their features, pros, and cons of the cloud server. 


Cloud hosting is a service that allows websites and applications to be available on the internet platform by using cloud resources.

As we have heard about shared web hosting, VPS web hosting, and Dedicated web hosting this cloud hosting is not the same as another hosting.

The cloud server provides greater flexibility and good scalability.


  1. Pay as you use means you will pay the organization as per you use the resources.
  2. Cloud hosting supports NoSQL databases and MySQL databases.
  3. Solutions and applications are deployed on a cloud network rather than on a single server.
  4. Web portals, mobile apps, and APIs are used to monitor the solutions.
  5. Cloud hosting provides you with good security.
  6. Sometimes cloud hosting providers offer tools and some special services to help manage the cloud-hosted server.


  1. Provide you better uptime
  2. Giving you flexibility and scalability
  3. You will get better performance
  4. There is a rapid deployment of sites
  5. It provides disaster recovery and also the backup facility
  6. If you maintain your own personal server it will be costlier than a cloud hosting server.


There are not so many cons of cloud hosting but a few are likewise the cost of cloud hosting is very high as compared to shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting. But it is cheaper than maintaining our own server.

And other cons can be the security of your data if you are using a reputed company then it is ok but if you are not using a reputed company then your data might be at risk.


There are two types of cloud hosting server

  1. private cloud server
  2. public cloud server


A private cloud solution serves your website by host your site on a dedicated server with the management required by your business only.

This private cloud server is protected by a secured firewall and it offers you a good performance because of its single user.

You can maintain the service and customize the control.


The public cloud server is the same as the shared server in which so many users use a single server and share all the facilities provided by the hosting provider.

This public cloud solution is managed by the service provider.

In this public cloud server, all the updates and all services are done by the service provider you just have to pay the amount to them.

This thing provides you flexibility and you will just focus on the growth of the website.


HostingRaja is an Indian hosting company that is very reputed and trusted also HostingRaja is providing: –

  1. the cloud with managed support
  2. pay according to your use.
  3. Fully managed support
  4. You will save 55%
  5. Providing restore and free backup option
  6. Providing 10G data transfer between VMs
  7. Providing private network with high speed.
  8. You can custom your own cloud
  9. Scaling for vertical and horizontal is available
  10. Providing free setup with free migration from other servers like google cloud, AWS, etc.  
  11. Providing 24/7 excellent customer support.


At last, I think you are now full of knowledge on cloud hosting and in this article, we covered all the things related to cloud hosting their pros, cons, and their types.

But even then you have any queries about this article, then let us know below in the comment section we will try to come up with the solution.    

Tom Roberts: Tom, a gadget enthusiast, provides detailed reviews of the latest tech gadgets, smartphones, and consumer electronics.

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