Work-from-Home Policy – Record SMS Message and Record Voice Calls for Records Request Compliance (Top Pitfalls of Mobile Archiving)

The use of messaging has become an indispensable instrument of connectivity this present day. It is a process that is quick, simple, and efficient. People use their mobile phones for various purposes, such as keeping in touch with their family and conducting business. 

For companies in non-regulated industries, the usual means of business communication is mobile devices and mobile applications that allow them to communicate with their clients while regulated sectors comply with delivery obligations. 

Under the rules and regulations of several laws, businesses in the public and financial industries must monitor text messages and voice calls. Electronic communications should be captured and must be retained for a certain period. Several regulations require retention of Data such as Financial Services Organizations, Securities and Exchange Commission in the US financial industry and Markets in Financial Instruments Directive in the EU. 

The specifics of these regulations may differ among industries, but the consequences remain the same. Failing to comply with the requirements can result in financial penalties and legal problems for organizations.

Archiving messages and digital content has been a practice for organizations for many years. Having a useful data archiving capability will allow organizations to hold onto data when agencies receive a record request, ensuring efficient public records request response.  

This infographic from TeleMessage will inform you of the top pitfalls of Mobile Archiving. 

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