Application Monitoring For Improved Application Performance

Application monitoring and application performance management is relevant to most businesses today, and with good reason.

Profitability is the watchword for every business, regardless of industry. For businesses engaged in service-focused work, efficiency of programs, their monitoring and performance is of special importance. Regular application monitoring and maintenance for ensuring sound performance is a necessary ingredient for maintaining smooth operations.

As of now, there are many diverse kinds of enterprise applications globally; there are an equally large number of updates taking place for all these applications. If adequate application monitoring and resulting repairs are not undertaken for these, it can have a direct bearing on performance of these applications too.

When conducted well application monitoring can provide pointers to the application’s health and boost its performance; thus helping services perform better, overall. Regardless of the industry, an application that performs well leads to better end-user experience and ultimately results in optimal utilization of time and resources.

What kinds of applications need monitoring for performance?

Any business that needs to have its applications performing consistently well needs sound monitoring and regular maintenance checks for optimal performance. Such businesses will need to ensure that their servers regularly clock high uptimes with reduced interruptions or problems. Further, an interruption for some applications can often mean starting at the beginning. This leads to loss of time; and users can lose interest in the application, especially in the case of commercial applications.

To prevent such losses in productivity, applications should be studied and regular monitoring carried out for the servers, the database, web and cloud services, if applicable, and virtual monitoring, ideally to ensure high performance.

Consistent application monitoring ensures troubleshooting and maintenance of operations while also highlighting trouble areas or inconsistencies in performance. This in turn, allows application managers and the technical workforce to run repairs and conduct maintenance checks in a more systematic and informed manner. For applications that are used commercially, this also helps keep a check on the end user experience and its improvement.

Thankfully, good application monitoring and application performance monitoring systems are available easily. These can be of several types, depending on the requirements of the business. The ideal enterprise application monitoring systems are those that can test and check performance end to end. A good monitoring system will test performances for IT enterprise applications, including end to end performance and compliance with the service level agreement.

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