Factors Search Engines Use to Rank Content

Search engines depend on algorithms with several factors to resolve how to rank results. These algorithms are updated continuously so that search engines show the highest quality and relevant results. This may seem a little challenging. However, there are specific procedures that you can take to improve the possibility that these search engines will consider you controlled properties as valuable. Once you have a clear understanding of this, your SEO strategy will get simplified.

Here is a description of the primary factors that you should always have in mind:

 On Page and Off Page SEO Factors

On page, SEO factors are components that can hurt or help a site’s chances of improving in ranking well and are found on the actual page of the website. This is excellent news if the content is yours because it implies that you are in control of these factors. Good knowledge on these will take any branding strategy management or online reputation to the next level. On page, SEO factors can are classified into the following:

Content Quality and Length


Site Structure



While off page SEO may include:

Back Links/Inbound Links

Social Sharing

Your Technique

When it comes to personal SEO services (บริการ รับ ทำ seo, which is the term in Thai), it is essential to remember that best practices are continually changing. However, the purpose of every update is clearly to enable these search engines to improve their ability to detect credible profiles and sites. So it is advisable to avoid black hat SEO tactics at all costs, or you will probably get hit with an OOP (over-optimization penalty). Black hat SEO means using aggressive SEO strategies that focus only on search engines and not a human audience. These techniques ignore search engine guidelines.

Some of these strategies include:

Keyword Stuffing


Link Stuffing

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