Getting to understand the NASDAQ: ACER

Briefing on Acer Therapeutics

Acer Therapeutics, also popularly called as Acer is a pharmaceutical company that works majorly on development, acquiring and commercializing the therapy solutions for complex and rare diseases that do not have the cure readily available. Following all of the regulations of the FDA, it conducts the clinical trials on only those human subjects who have an overall safety profile and would show positive responses to the trial results. Currently, it is working on four diseases on a high priority basis- COVID-19, vEDS, type 3 of collagen mutation, and small congenital disorders causing neural motor disorders.

As a result, currently, investments are made by the customers in the NASDAQ: ACER at , or in other words on the stocks of the company and this article discusses further on the behavior that has been shown in the past few duration by the trend line.

Situation of today

As of today, the NAV for Acer lies within the high and low range of USD 3.60 and USD 3.35 respectively. There has been a negative growth rate of 3.39 % on a day-on-day basis that was updated after the market got closed for the day. The trend line chart shows the peak beyond USD 3.70 on 20 July and then the downward slope to USD 3.42 in today’s time. This can be attributed to the current research been done for the trials of COVID-19 and the results would keep the curve fluctuating over time until the successful results come up. Post that it is projected for NASDAQ: ACER to reach the peak NAV of USD 10 for this year.

Apart from this, some of the key takeaways from the reports shared by the analysts are as follows: –

  • The relative strength index on the stability of the portfolio has been predicted to be in the neutral range with a value of 51.61 and thus it shows that the portfolio is expected to show accuracy within the projected levels.
  • The buying indicator points to a score of 9 which shows that it would be wise to buy stocks from the portfolio of Acer, to earn long-term benefits with eventual progress in the drug trials.
  • The exponential moving average suggests that when the NAV reaches USD 3.47, it would be wise enough to sell the stocks, rather than buying more. As a result, the overall loss to be incurred could be controlled within the limits.

Thus, on a concluding note, the NASDAQ: ACER is performing within just neutral points and it is expected to bounce with long-term benefits, irrespective of the fluctuating short term projections or drops happening in daily NAV curve. You can do stock trading at day trading app. Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.


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