Iphone 11 And Iphone XR In Comparison: These Are The Differences

If you bought an iPhone XR last year, should you switch to the iPhone 11 now? Our tests are still out, but even then, the recommendation will be: it depends whether you see added value in the improvements and new features, such as. Or also, in which condition the XR is after a good year because Apple takes older models with the nine purchase into payment. It does not redeem so much as it would be possible in other ways, but the trade-in Apple Store is in any case quite practical.

The Design

From the front, the iPhone XR and iPhone 11 look the same, except for the three new or revised colours, which you hardly notice when you look at the screen. The display is almost borderless, the Home button of earlier times is missing. For unlocking iPhone XR as iPhone 11 with his face, the technique for the Face ID is behind the commonly referred to as “Notch” notch at the top. Not everyone likes it, but most of them got used to it. However, the Face ID still works only in portrait format, which is different from the iPads Pro from 2018, for example.

On the back, there are huge differences, which are not only manifested in colour. The iPhone 11 gets a dual-camera system, which is arranged like the triple camera together with the flash in a square area. XR covers are therefore not fit despite otherwise the same size; you want to take pictures with the phone (and that’s what you want, see the point “cameras”). The Apple logo also sits in the middle of the back; it would be placed as before in the upper third, that would seem very inharmonious in harmony with the cameras. Three of the colours Apple has not changed: black, white and red. One can assume that these are the most popular in the portfolio.

The Cameras

Here it is now really exciting because like every year, Apple has worked hard again on the camera technology, hardware and software. First of all, to the front camera: Here are already the specifications of the true depth system increased, from 7 megapixels to 12 now. This allows videos at 60 frames per second, but that’s nothing new. The iPhone XR offers HD resolution (1080p) for this, while the iPhone 11 creates 4K videos. Selfies in landscape mode also make more sense as they take up another area.

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