Learning How to use your web host the right way

When one decides to build a website the first step in that direction is understanding what bitcoin hosting means. A website needs storage space in the World Wide Net and acquiring that based on your specific needs is the job of a web hosting service provider. A web hosting provider can help with many services while building your website and hence learning how to use your web host the right way is important.

One should begin by deciding what kind of website they want

There are two main types of websites: static and dynamic. A static website is a basic one with only a few web pages. A dynamic website on the other hand contains information that keeps changing and one can keep updating content on such a website. Only after one selects the kind of website they want can they proceed.

Correctly choosing your hosting server

Web applications can mainly be stored on two types of hosting platforms: Linux Hosting or Windows hosting. Determining which suits your technological needs better and opting for it is the next step.

Choosing a web hosting plan

There are many types of web hosting available that cater to a variety of different needs. A few common examples are; Shared hosting, VPS, dedicated hosting, reseller, and Cloud hosting. Selecting the type that suits your requirements and budget is extremely important as a wrong web hosting plan can create a lot of trouble in the future. To determine which one suits your needs one should research more about each type.

Changing the DNS address

After one purchases a web hosting plan they get a Domain Name Server or DNS which will contain your internet IP address. To get your website functioning one has to change their DNS address.

Launching your website

After undergoing all these steps one can finally upload their website by connecting to the server.


Learning how to set up a website, choosing a web host and server can be a daunting process for many people. But by understanding the steps mentioned above one can learn a lot about how to use their web host in the right way.

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