The most common types of advertising used today

Many have said that tradition advertising is indeed dying out and it has lose its effectiveness in reaching out to their brand’s target audience. Traditional advertising is also said to be more costly compared to the search engine marketing and social media marketing. However, it is has still proven to be effective in reaching a certain group of audience and the masses. In order to be effective in traditional advertising, one has to understand the key advantage of the type of traditional advertising that is being used. 

Display Ads

Traditional display advertising includes anything from banner advertising, billboard advertising, and even newspaper and magazine advertising. Display ads have also proven to be effective in event advertising. This would require the help of outdoor poster printing. Billboard advertising is effective to reach the masses and to remain permanently visible for a great period of time. Note that one should avoid including too much content in billboard advertising, and one should focus on getting users’ attention through eye-catching graphic design. Informational banners should only be placed in areas where users are in close proximity with the banner, where users are more likely to reach the information presented to them in detail. 

The advantage of investing in magazine and newspaper ads is that users tend to be more ready to absorb information presented to them. Display ads would fall under the category of outdoor advertising. 

Email Marketing 

Email marketing have proven to be highly effective to increase repurchase and resale. This is often the case for users who subscribe to a newsletter willingly and have opted in to be updated with the brand’s service and products updates. Emails are also useful to inform users of upcoming sales and promotional events. 

However, when it comes to pushing a brand’s service or products to new users, it has always been a challenge to increase the email open rate. This is because email marketing is highly competitive and users do not always open their emails. Therefore, the subject title has to be highly enticing and the graphic and information presented in the email has to be highly attractive. 

Social Media Marketing 

Social media marketing is an emerging advertising platform, with several popular platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more. Now social media platforms have developed a strong algorithm that is able to target a certain group of audience by their interest. This has also proven to work out really well and the advertising cost can be much more cost-effective. 

Event Marketing 

Logo sponsorship and banner sponsorship are highly common in an event. However, especially in big events, sponsorship are highly costly, and it is common for the big brands to tap into this advertising space as only the big brands have the budget to do so. Sponsorship has proven to aid in brand recall and to promote constant brand awareness. 

Banner advertising on the other hand can go hand in hand with a strong sales team in an event space to increase overall sales. With a well-run event, brands will be able to reach a target group of audience and reach out to them and entice them to buy their products or services. 

Search Engine Marketing 

The last type of marketing that has been trending is search engine marketing. With search engines like Google and Yahoo, they have proven to reach the masses effectively. In this digital age, it is crucial that one jumps on this bandwagon and to capitalize on this trend.  

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