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Since the Google Penguin update, the correct use of anchor texts has been one of the most important criteria for compiling a natural link profile.  You will have to vary the use of anchor texts well in your profile.

What is an anchor text or anchor text?

 “The anchor text is also called anchor text or anchor text.  This refers to the text that is visible when you link to another page. With the niche edits you can find the best option now.

For example, if you link to the “what is link building” page, then “what is link building” is the anchor text.

  • Appearance of anchor text
  • the anchor text is always clickable
  • the anchor text is often underlined
  • Often the text of the link has a different color, usually this is blue ”

How do you get a good variation in your link profile?

A good variation of your anchor text is important for a good and natural link profile .  You get this by using four different types of anchor texts:

With this form of linking you use the full or a variation of your company name for the anchor text.  If necessary, complete your company name with locations, products or keywords.

Based on URL

You use the URL as a basis for this. – –

Based on keyword

With this form of anchor texts you use the keyword that you want to be found on .  Make sure your keywords vary and that this form of anchor text only fills a small part of your link profile.

Based on link behavior

In the past, when SEO was not yet such a well-known topic, we all linked with “read more”, “click here”, “more information” etc. Linking to your own website in this way was strongly discouraged for a while.

Yet we are increasingly seeing this form of link building.  This is because it indicates a natural link profile. Not everyone links in the same way.

In short

Use nofollow and dofollow for an extra natural link profile

“Nofollow” is a method that allows webmasters to tell search engines that they should not follow the links on a specific page or link.

How are links with the ‘nofollow’ attribute processed by Google?

Google does not follow them in principle.  That means that Google does not send a Page Rank or anchor text about these links.  If you use nofollow, the target links will be removed from our overview chart of the web.  However, the target pages can still be displayed in our index if other sites contain a link to it without nofollow, or if the URLs are sent to Google in a sitemap. ”

Nofollow links are therefore backlinks that do not pass on a value

This means that a nofollow link is not of direct added value for your position in Google.  You still need nofollow links to keep your link profile natural. 


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