Web Hosting And Its Types

Web hosting is the service of providing bandwidth and space on a high-powered computer server that is connected to the Internet at very high speeds. Hosting companies manage large systems of high-powered web server computers in a physical location known as a data center. These computer servers are connected to a superfluous and fast, Internet connection. The data centers are equipped with full backup power, security monitoring staff, and fast and reliable internet.

The companies providing web hosting services provide a share bandwidth and space to their customers and levy monthly charges from them. When the customer signup from their account, they will see a personal space on the internet where they can upload their files the information of which is visible to anyone looking for it on the internet. The monthly charges are much less than what it would cost us to run a server from our home. This is the reason why we need web hosting companies. They take care of everything including the software, hardware, and other technical requirements.

Types of Web Hosting

With thousands and thousands of websites on the internet, there are hundreds of plans web hosting plans, and that is the fuss of all confusions. There are free plans also available in the market, but they are apt for start-ups only. You must need to start beefing up your web server with good hosting practices. Here are some common types of web hosting, each of them serves a different purpose:

  • Shared Web Hosting

The most popular and known form of hosting is Shared web hosting. The company providing hosting services provides disk space and bandwidth on a powered server. Simultaneously, there will be other websites too on the same server. The resources will be shared among the user of the same server in this type of hosting. If you don’t have much traffic on your website and need hosting at the lowest price, then shared one is the best option.

  • Reseller Web Hosting

In order to start your own web hosting business, reseller web hosting is a great and low-cost solution. It is further divided into two types: Reseller of service and private label. In reseller of services plan, companies resell the normal plans of hosting a large organization but on a discounted price. Besides, takes fees from the customers every month until they use their services. On the other hand, private label is the perfect reseller plan type as the reseller can retain full control over the customer’s website. Also, can charge a monthly fee from them. However, they are required to pay a small amount from the fee as a royalty to the larger hosting companies. 

  • Cloud-Based Web Hosting

It is fairly new technology in hosting that allows thousands of users to use a giant server together. The basic idea behind this is to expand the hardware as the customer’s increases on the server. The hosting company adds more and more hardware to the server as the traffic increases on the hosting. The biggest advantage of using this type of hosting, you can accommodate the surge of traffic rather than shutting your website. 

  • Virtual Private Server

VPS is basically one serves which acts and performs like accompanied with multiple ones. It is basically a hosting server between getting your own server and shared hosting where you get benefits of both. 

  • Dedicated Hosting Server

It is the most cost-effective and powerful hosting solution that caters to a trafficked website without any need of paying thousands of rupees for fast internet connection. As per the name dedicated hosting server, it is dedicated to a single server only with no one else hosting on the system. This is the best choice for those organizations having busy websites. 

In Final Words

Each type of web hosting is fit for a different type of website. Choose one according to your requirement and considering all the related aspects.

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