2 UX Principles You Must Have On Your Website

Web users spend an awful lot of time on the web, reading news or articles, navigating through sites, and using web apps. Most websites are not developed to give the users a good UX experience, and it’s mostly due to poor design that didn’t take the user experience into serious consideration. It’s not difficult to pinpoint the errors but solving the issues will be a whole lot trickier. This article aims to give you some of the insights and best practices for better user experience on web design we use as a leading web design company Singapore.

  1. Emphasize on getting the UX right

Making sure your website has the best and memorable user experience is more important than the information that it presents. Most users will forget the data and salient points of contents, but they will remember how it made them feel. It works in advertisements and direct sales, why not use it on web design as well? Presenting the information is essential, but how you choose to display it is more important. Graphics, colors, text, and interactive element all work in synergy to give the users an experience. Modern websites contain interactive qualities and quality visual to strike at more emotional responses to help them stand out.

  1. Simplicity and clarity

Upon entering your site, users will immediately evaluate the design of a website, so you need to plan what you want your users to do and make it glaring. Skip the extremely difficult to find “Call to action” buttons. Visually pay attention to the one-button versus a bunch of buttons on the home page.  Be sure to continually reconsider and readjust what your app or site can do to make it easier to use. The vital component of a well-thought-out design is making sure your website is highly usable for the majority of users and allowing for extra functionality to be hidden and made discoverable as it is needed, not shown all at once. 

Always provide a clear, consistent design that is simple for the users. Colors can be used to cue the user on what to do next. They know what to expect when you are reusing colors, behaviours, and aesthetics, which reduces the need for them to figure out the interface. When users get familiar with some of the aspects of your website, it makes the process clearer and easier to use. To have a good user experience, the users must have a genuine, emotional connection to the experience of using your site. You will have limited chances of getting any followers if you are merely creating an interface and not an experience. User interface designs have to be simple to navigate, easy-to-use and created with your targeted audience in mind. Gather feedback from your users using survey forms and tweak your site accordingly while remaining consistent throughout the design. 

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