Conventional Vs Electron Flow Rare Earth Magnets

Rare Earth Magnets are alloys of rare earth elements which are said to be the strongest type of permanent magnets. Compared to other magnets like ferrite and alnico, rare earth magnets can produce more than 1.4 teslas while the ferrite and other ceramic magnets can produce magnetic fields from 0.5 to 1 tesla.

The name rare earth magnet does not actually mean they are rare, on the contrary, they are a readily available resource.

There are two types of rare earth magnets; the Samarium – cobalt and the Neodymium.

Samarium Cobalts are much expensive compared to Neodymium. Because of the cost, it is not much used and also adds the fact that it has weaker magnetic capabilities. They are weak and can easily break due to thermal shocks.

In the other hand, it has an advantage for those in need of high field strength during high operating temperatures.

Neodymium is better compared to Samarium Cobalt. The price is reasonable and is best during operations that require strong and compact magnets. However, it is susceptible to oxidation because of its low Curie temperature.

Rare earth magnets can be very dangerous even in health but it has several uses such as for hard drives for computers, speakers, flashlights, motors, LEDS, windbelt and more.

Theory of Electricity

Benjamin Franklin, a scientist known for his theories about electricity. He assumed that electric currents ran in the opposite direction. He discovered electricity by thinking the negative charge needed more electrons when it actually has a surplus. It started when he tested the flow of charge from a smooth wax to the rough wool where in the electrons are the constituent unit of charge and that it was displaced from the wool to the wax and not the other way around ending up in the conclusion that electrons have a negative charge or the deficiency charge and the positive charge. This is the Conventional Flow Notion.

Electron flow rare earth magnet is explained as the current flow of charge in the same direction which is also the natural flow of electrons. This notion has been introduced by some textbooks while some professional scientist used Electron flow notion for solid state physics that would need to show the real and actual movement and flow of the electrons with the substances.

The advantage of using the electron flow notion is that it shows exactly the Natural flow of electrons in a material. In the event of working on vacuum tube equipment, electron flow notion is the best choice as the devices they call the vacuum tubes also known as the electron tubes that amplify small electrical signals. In order to visualize and better understand the rate of flow controlled and applied within the path, it is advisable to use electron flow notion.

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