Top Mobile App Design Features You Need To Include

Let’s discover which factors have the greatest impact on creating a user interface that is amazing with the basic elements of mobile app design.


Next, keep the same ideas in mind when you think about how your content will be displayed. If you are creating a humorous app or game, a comic font will help to enhance the humor. If you have a serious app that presents economic facts, then the font choice should reflect the gravity of the information. When designing your app interface, you should consider how strong the fonts you use to present your content. Your app’s font can make or break your customers’ attention in a matter of seconds. To avoid confusion, it is important to remember the above principles and stick to the style you have chosen for your app’s user interface. Font is an essential element of mobile app design.


The first is color. Mobile design is all about color. What is the first thing users see when they open your app? The main color. There are many articles and studies on the psychology of colors in marketing. These principles also apply to mobile apps. You need to consider the color when designing your mobile interface. Let’s look at the Growth Tower article on this topic. It’s something we have already mentioned, but it is worth mentioning again because it can be extremely useful in generating the right emotions for your users. One simple color can make a huge difference in the user experience of your mobile app. The scheme below is an example of what you can do. Think about your users and their locations. You will be able to choose the perfect combination of colors for your app’s style.


Include illustrations in your list of must-have elements for mobile apps! All creatives within your app must adhere to the highest quality standards. They must be presented in a clear and concise manner to convey the message you want to make with your text. Illustrations should be chosen carefully to create the desired impact, just like fonts. Mobile devices can be different sizes and have different screen resolutions. You need to ensure that your app UI is adaptable to all devices. You should also be aware of licenses. Make sure you have the right to use them in your app user interface.


Icons are essential elements in mobile design. These small images are far more important than you might think when designing a mobile app ui. These images have a huge impact on the perception of your app by users. There are many icons, but we’ll only list the most important.

  • App icons – to represent an app
  • Clarifying Icons – explains certain tasks
  • Decorative icons – Created to give your business a more appealing look

You can choose any icon you like, but they must be clear and express the action you want your customers to take. Avoid creating confusion or hesitation by not having the same app interface.


You must ensure that your app development is easy to navigate. Good navigation in mobile interfaces is essential to ensure customers can find the information they require quickly. They need to be able to find their location and determine the next steps required for the desired activity at any given moment. You can use every tool you have to guide them and explain the steps necessary for them to achieve their goal. It is important to strike the right balance between simplicity and interactivity. However, a confusing interface will not benefit from any app, even puzzle games.

Brand Design

You can appeal to customers with a user-friendly interface. Remember that smartphone users see your app as a brand. Your brand should be represented perfectly by your mobile ui. Your logo should be included in the app. This will let users know that you offer high-quality services. Every time they see the small image, they will feel confident that they can trust your products. It’s about creating a lasting relationship between your company and your customers.

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